“My daughter has really enjoyed her involvement in the project. She enjoys the interaction with the other participants, many from different schools and levels of knowledge. The variety of activities and learning opportunities on offer is wide, and seem designed to interest young girls of this age. She is able to describe what she has seen and participated in, but perhaps not able to outline the theory behind it – but I put that down to her age. The bonus is that it is maintaining and increasing her interest in science, and this shows through her enjoyment and understanding of science at school.” -Clare Gilman-Abel (parent)

“Newton is different from Science in school because they teach you in small groups and you have lots of fun.” - Lily Fowler (pupil)

“Great to see them make new friends and have so much fun with science. A great way to challenge and inspire girls to explore opportunities in science. Great activities delivered by enthusiastic staff and students. Iona came back buzzing after making an amazing crystal garden.” - Julie and Adrian Goodman (parents)


“I have really enjoyed all of the Newton sessions.  I have found out that science is fun, and not just about boring maths equations.  On the Birmingham trip I found out I could be a construction engineer!” - Claire Goodger (pupil)

“I’d like to thank Professor Colston and the Newton team for your hard work and dedication in realising and delivering the Newton academy.  My daughter Lucy has thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and is looking forward to next year.  She found the Newton programme exciting and particularly enjoyed the visit to the Big Bang fair.  Her posters of Gaia and the Large Hadron Collider sit proudly on her bedroom wall (next to Olly Murs). As a parent, I feel that Newton does a great job of showing the girls that STEM subjects are not just for boys, and that girls too can become scientists, engineers, and astronauts.”  - Robert Creed (parent)

“The Newton Academy has provided a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to appreciate how much fun science can be; how it is part of our every moment and where an inquisitive mind can find questions and experiments to captivate it. The academy meets have been lots of fun and Faye’s bubbling enthusiasm after the session has been clear to see. She’s thoroughly enjoyed being able to impress her siblings with details of the experiments she’s been doing. Added to this, we have both met a lovely group of parents and other children from across the region and forged new friendships.” - Alison Hinckley (parent)


“The Newton Academy has been (and still is) an amazing experience for Ellise. She has thoroughly enjoyed all the experiments and opportunities she has been offered. It has inspired her to try different experiments at home and opened her eyes to the fact that more women are needed in science. She looks forward to the sessions. As a parent, I thank you for offering this fantastic opportunity for the girls. It makes Science fun and enjoyable. I am so pleased Ellise has been a part of it.  Her Science grades at school are also excellent.” - Louise Evans (parent)

“An excellent way to make friends whilst enjoying some great science activities.” - Iona Goodman (pupil)

“Amelia has learnt about the academic and industry-based opportunities that can lead to a rich and varied career pathway, in a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology.” - Vicky Wright (parent)

“I think that [Newton] has inspired me in a way that it will help me throughout secondary school and the rest of my life by building my confidence and all round fun.” - Cordelia Seale (pupil)