Brainiacs (November 2017)

Cerebellums, hippocampuses and medullas…

Our Autumn Brainiacs session saw the girls getting brainy about brains. They explored their perceptions with optical illusions, tested their reflexes with hammers, and discovered what it meant to be left or right brained. They ‘squashed’ their stress levels and nibbled on (jelly) neurons.The girls finished the day with the ‘brain game’ – a simple group activity to explore the complexities of neurotransmission.

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Rockin’ Robots (July 2017)

Programming, Virtual Reality, Drones and More!

The Newton girls had a hand in building robots and programming them to perform various stunts, and navigate their way though obstacle  courses using code and controllers. They also talked the ‘Now’ robot into performing some Tai Chi and tested their perceptions using virtual reality…

Robot Newton 9  Robot Newton 6  Robot Newton 2    Robot Newton 3


Circuit-ulation (January 2017)

What makes our tickers tick? What makes them tick even faster?

The Newton girls got their blood pumping as they recreated a human circulatory system the size of a classroom and discovered how much harder it has to work when arteries narrow, blood vessels are cut, and heart problems and asthma restrict normal, healthy blood flow. The girls also learned all about blood composition, blood types (even though blood is blood, it can’t just be mixed!), the cardiovascular system and cardiovascular disease.

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Spectacular Sports Science (November 2016)

Ready, Steady…

The autumn session of the Newton Academy explored many aspects of sport and exercise science. Our girls tested their muscles, jumped, shot hoops, and filmed themselves moving in slow motion. During the nutrition workshop the girls discovered there is more to life than tacos (and fruit is better for you anyway!). Food for thought…


Working in teams did not leave them puzzled, but their muscles were certainly tested!


NCIS Lincoln (July 2016)

Breaking news…

Whilst on loan to the National Gallery in London, the Mona Lisa has been reported missing. At 11 pm on Friday 8 July 2016, the duty Security Guard at the gallery noticed the Mona Lisa was gone. A lone Pepsi Max can sits on the floor beneath the place where the Masterpiece usually hangs. There is also what looks like some hairs.

Although a broken window has been found on the ground floor of the gallery, the Police suspect an ‘inside job’. According to the staff rota only three staff were scheduled to be in the building after the gallery closed its doors on Friday night. Hmm, curious.

In Lincoln, a rucksack is found unattended on the 06:15 train from London King’s Cross. Lincoln’s famous Newton Criminal Investigative Service – a specialist crime busting organisation – has been brought in to investigate…



Marvellous Maths and Fabulous Physics (February 2016)

Light is light, right? Our Newton girls built their very own spectrometers and became light detectives to find out…

In our Marvellous Maths and Fabulous Physics workshop, hosted by the University of Lincoln’s new School of Mathematics and Physics, the girls set about building and using their very own specific instrument to distinguish one light source from another. Did they get them to work?

Intriguing networks puzzles were also the name of the game, as a challenging maths problem got brain cells buzzing. Did they come up with the solution?



Pharmacy Phacts (November 2016)

What happens when you take your prescription to the pharmacists? Our Newton girls joined the University of Lincoln’s School of Pharmacy and the Lincolnshire Co-operative to find out.


Our 2016 winter workshop explored many aspects of pharmacy practice, with a significant focus on asthma, asthma care and medication. Our girls took part in a spirometry practical (a simple test used to help diagnose and monitor certain lung conditions by measuring how much air you can breathe out in one forced breath), learned all about non-Newtonian fluids (custard hands!), and took part in quizzes, checked prescriptions, calculated medicine doses, and more.


Many thanks to the Lincolnshire Co-operative for their support.






Plug in City (October 2015)

Welcome to Newtonville…

The brief was Future Cities, and in a little over two hours the Newton Academy girls designed and drew the most amazing, mind-blowing future city imaginable: Newtonville

In our Plug in City workshop, hosted by the University of Lincoln’s School of Architecture and Design, the girls learned all about the relationship between architecture and nature. How do we plug into the environment and design buildings that both feed from the environment and also replenish it?

The girls worked with architects and architecture students to bring their creative and innovative ideas to life through drawing. At the end of the workshop all the work was brought together as a graphical town, which had everything from Bobsleigh towers and climbing walls that span from building to building, to sky zoos and hot air balloons that float across the sky playing music to the streets!

Future city webIMG_0539 (2) webFC 3 webFC 4 web

Engineering EGGstravaganza! (June 2015)

Launch event 2015

How do you stop an egg from breaking when you drop it from a second floor balcony? With over 80 girls now part of the Academy, we set about imagining and constructing all manner of interesting contraptions that would fulfil the primary objective of the day: keeping an egg intact (and avoiding messy splats!).

The girls learned all about Sir Isaac Newton and his famous theory, and designed and built cages and frames, with parachutes and wings and buffers and padding… The possibilities were endless!

But did any of them work, I hear you say? Check out our video to find out…

The Big Bang Young Scientist and Engineers Fair (March 2015)

The Newton Academy took its first cohort of girls on a visit to the 2015 Big Bang Young Scientist and Engineers Fair at the Birmingham NEC on Saturday 14th March.

Forty girls, accompanied by ten staff and student volunteers from the University of Lincoln, travelled by coach to spend the day at the largest celebration of science, engineering, technology and maths (STEM) for young people in the UK, where they participated in fun (and sometimes mind-blowing!) hands-on activities and workshops, met inspiring engineers and scientists from some of the biggest and most interesting companies in the UK, and viewed spectacular live shows.

The trip was the final session in the 2014/15 Academy programme, which launched in June 2014 with the aim of inspiring and enthusing Lincolnshire Schoolgirls in STEM subjects, and to encourage them to consider post-16 STEM study. The visit showed some of the many exciting careers and rewarding opportunities that exist for young people with STEM backgrounds. The award-winning extravaganza also provided careers information, and resources and sessions to help bring science and engineering careers to life.

Big Bang Fair 1 compressedBig Bang Fair 4 compressedBig Band Fair 3 compressed

Chemistry Christmas Cracker (December 2014)

Chemistry, Crystals and Fun…

In the spirit of Christmas and in celebration of the 2014 Year of Crystallography,  the Newton Girls asked: how do snowflakes grow; how does a pocket hand warmer work; and why does that chocolate that you left to melt in the car taste really, really awful? We looked at crystal growth under a microscope, and made tree decorations covered in sparkling silver nitrate crystals. The Newton Academy crystal garden looked great, and everyone got to add to it…

You can watch our video of the day here.

Xmas1Xmas3Xmas4 compressed

Spud Science! (September 2014)

Think you know all there is to know about potatoes? Think again. Our Newton Academy girls donned their labcoats and set out to investigate the humble spud…

Power a clock? Check. Did you know a potato can power a battery?

Did you know that spuds contain vitamin C? Our young scientists tested to see how much.

They also looked at starch grains under the microscope and joined Dr Bukola Daramola from the National Centre for Food Manufacturing to learn all about the use of Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) to study the changes in potato volatile compounds that occur during spoilage and its benefit in the manufacture of Electronic noses (E-Nose) that can be applied in the food industry. You can see her presentation here.

LemonsStudiousLemons 2


…And the snacks at break were, of course, crisps! What else! Many thanks to Pipers Crisps for their support.

pipers 2






The Big Launch! (June 2014)

What a fantastic day!

50 girls registered for the event… and hopefully 50 girls had a load of fun! I know I did – even though I had to rescue a ball that had mysteriously fallen from the 3rd floor window (by accident of course!!).

Dr John Murray, and staff and students from the School of Computer Science, did a really brilliant job of putting together some great team challenges – build a robot – learn to drive it – do some really clever stuff – then programme it to be clever all by itself!

10 teams battled for the winning place, showing off driving skills that could only have come from years of practice (well… maybe not!). But sadly, there could only be one winner… only one team for the prize… and what a prize – the utterly amazing RASPBERRY PIs

The competition was tough – it was fierce – it was very, very close…

Team Epic Rex!