What is the Newton Academy?

The Newton Academy – the Science Club for Girls is a series of Saturday morning science and technology-themed workshops set up by the University of Lincoln in June 2014 to take girls on a 3-year scientific voyage of discovery. The Saturday Club consists of hands-on activities and projects, designed to work alongside the National Curriculum, that will inspire and enthuse the next generation of female scientists and engineers.

Why a Club for Girls?

The Academy has been created as part of the University of Lincoln’s Athena SWAN project, acknowledging the Institution’s commitment to improving the representation of women in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM). To improve the representation of female academics in some STEM areas (particularly in physics, mathematics, engineering and computer science) we have to attract more girls to these subjects at School level. We believe that early engagement is the key to increasing the popularity of STEM subjects among our girls, and the Academy aims to inspire 10–14 year olds in subjects that research shows they are less likely to pursue; opening their eyes to the possibilities of what they can achieve, and encouraging them to consider post-16 study in STEM subjects… and ultimately to pursue science and technology careers.

What does the Newton Academy do?

During their three years, the Academy introduces the ‘Newton Girls’ to a wide range of science and technology subjects – from chemistry and bioscience, to mechanical and civil engineering, computer programming and mathematics. The ‘Newton Girls’ take part in projects that develop their confidence, their enthusiasm for STEM, and essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills. They develop leadership skills and the confidence to challenge any preconceptions that may prevent them from pursuing and being successful in any STEM field. But most of all, The Newton Academy aims to show young girls that science can be rewarding, challenging and fun.

 How often and where do we meet?

The Saturday Club meets on four occasions per academic year – June, September, December and March. Workshops consist of laboratory sessions held at the University of Lincoln’s Brayford Campus. We aim to make at least one session per year a trip to a science fair or event elsewhere within the UK.

Who can join?

The Academy is open to all Lincolnshire schoolgirls. Registration opens in April each year and is open to all year 6 (age 10-11) girls. Enrolment is for 3-years – from the end of year 6 until the end of Year 9 (age 13-14).

Enrolment is limited to approximately 40 places per year and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

How much does it cost?

At present there is no yearly fee and enrolment is free of charge.

How can I get in touch?

Please send all enquires to newton@lincoln.ac.uk or use the contact form

How can I get Involved?

To enquire about how your company or business can get involved, please contact newton@lincoln.ac.uk