WiSEGiSE is part of the WiSE@Lincoln Inititiative, created as part of the University of Lincoln’s Athena SWAN project, acknowledging the Institution’s commitment to improving the representation of women in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM).

WiSEGiSE provides boys and girls of Lincolnshire with the opportunity to share their views and voice their hopes and concerns regarding post-16 STEM study and STEM-based careers. It also provides work experience opportunities to aspiring scientists from local schools.

To find out more visit wise.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk


Ellie Jones

“I found out about WiSE when browsing the university website, trying to find out if I could get any sort of work experience. I think WiSE is a great idea, and having read through the details of the initiative, it’s helped me feel more confident about pursuing a career in science.” - Ellie Jones (age 17).

Ellie is currently studying at the Priory Academy LSST, and hopes to pursue a career in chemistry. After undertaking work experience within the Historic and Ancient Materials Research Group at the University of Lincoln, Ellie has realised that her dream is to be an academic researcher and is planning to apply for a master’s degree, and then hopefully go on to do a PhD.