• Pulse – Check! Respiratory Rate – Check!

    newton jan 2 2017

    Circuit-ulation! What makes our tickers tick? What makes them tick even faster?

    The Winter 2017 session of the Newton Academy, hosted by the University of Lincoln’s School of Health and Social Care, got the girls’ blood pumping as they recreated the human circulation system – classroom sized! The girls discovered how much harder the body has to work when arteries narrow, blood vessels are cut, and heart problems and asthma restrict normal, healthy blood flow. Just like an accident that closes a lane on the M62, ‘traffic’ can get a little blocked up…

    The workshop also focussed on blood composition, blood types (even though blood is blood, it can’t just be mixed!), the cardiovascular system and cardiovascular disease.

    The video of the session can be viewed here and there are pictures in our gallery. Don’t forget to check out our channel on YouTube. Subscribe, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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    The Winter 2017 session of the Newton Academy, facilitated by the University of Lincoln’s School of Health and Social Care, got the young ladies’ blood pumping as they reproduced the human flow framework.

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  • Posted by Homework Help Websites on September 18, 2017, 10:47 am

    The young ladies found how much harder the body needs to work when corridors limit, veins are cut, and heart issues and asthma confine typical, sound blood stream.

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    Cardiovascular diseases have become highly prevalent in recent times, therefore, knowledge about them and their methods of treatment is very important.

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    Such lessons on knowledge about health should be mandatory for everyone, since it is very important for society.

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