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The Newton Academy was launched at the University of Lincoln on 21 June 2014.The Academy runs a 3-year program for 11-14 year olds. Science and technology-themed workshops are full of hands-on activities and projects to inspire and enthuse our next generation of female scientists and engineers. Workshops are delivered by staff and students at the University of Lincoln and by local science-based industry. Together we aim to generate interest and excitement for science and technology, and show that science is FUN!

 “A great way to challenge and inspire girls to explore opportunities in science.”

  “I found out I could be a construction engineer!” 





  • Abbie Hutty – Careers in Engineering videos

    Following on from her recent successful Great Minds lecture on her work on the ExoMars Rover project and in the UK space industry, Senior Spacecraft Structures Engineer Abbie Hutty talks about her experiences in forging a career in engineering in a series of new videos. You can watch them here.  

  • 2016 Enrolment

    Enrolment for our 2016 intake will open on 1st April. The Newton Academy is open for Lincolnshire Schoolgirls currently in Year 6 (age 10/11) to join. The programme consists of  four workshops per year (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring), with our first introductory workshop for our new intake taking place in June. You can sign

  • Plug in City

      Our Plug in City workshop will take place on Saturday 31st October and be will be hosted by the University of Lincoln’s School of Architecture and Design. How do we plug into the environment and design buildings that both feed from the environment and also replenish it? In this session students will learn all about

  • Engineering apprenticeships – here come the girls

    Only 6% of the engineering workforce is female, and yet girls make up about half of physics students at GCSE level according to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES). The crucial drop-off point is at A-Level where fewer than 20% of girls continue to pursue physics. Why is this happening? And what are big companies doing





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